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Your Web site is a funnel. Generally speaking the more users that enter at the top of the funnel, the more users reach the bottom of the funnel creating conversions. ALIGMA offers a variety of solutions designed to generate qualified traffic to your site and deliver the return on the investment you’ve made in creating an online experience.

Success in terms of online traffic is the result out of a platform of different activities and positive circumstances for the users in same time.

Online Experiences
In a few short years, Internet technologies have managed to completely redefine the business landscape. The Internet has replaced or augmented almost every interaction an individual has with a company, from gathering product information and making a purchase decision, to deciding to make an investment or to take a job with a company. In many ways a company's online presence is defining brand perception and stakeholder experience.


Until recently, dissemination of information was controlled largely by mass media. Savvy companies were able to control newspapers, radio and television with the right combination of public relations and marketing.
Times have changed dramatically. The advent of the Internet has fundamentally transformed the way in which information is created, distributed and consumed. The costs of publishing have fallen to zero, allowing anyone with a computer and an Internet connection to freely communicate with the world with a few clicks of a mouse. From industry niche Web sites to personal blogs, the balance of power has shifted from mass media to the masses. Bloggers, podcasters and end users control the future of your brand.


When it comes to Interactive Solutions it's all about conversion. Conversion can be anything from the comprehension of information to the sale of a product and everything in between. At ALIGMA we continually strive to increase the conversion of the solutions we deploy for our client partners. We do so by applying a variety of methodologies and technologies that allow us to make measurable improvements to conversion while enhancing the customer experience. 


Many companies recognize that acquiring the most expensive stakeholder is the one who they haven’t yet met, and the most valuable stakeholder is the one who they have interacted with in the past. Yet, marketers invest millions in acquiring new stakeholders and exponentially less maintaining their existing relationships.

ALIGMA assists our clients in developing loyalty programs designed to grow existing relationships and foster a positive experience for the stakeholder. Through communication, interaction and incentives our team can help you to increase the lifetime value of customers, media contacts, vendors and employees. 
Innovate Web Solutions
Why is Web 2.0 venture capital increasing, but real success is still hard to find? The space flight industries are a good example to see that investing only in technique is rarely a profitable business on its own. Its allways required to have ideas that can be used by the public and generates a ROI. Concepts including mutual benefit are the Holy Grail of online business investments. The ACDC whitepaper Planning for Success: Levitated Project, Concept & Investment Opportunities for Business Angels.
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October 2008
ALIGMA in Saudi Arabia

Since October 2008 ALIGMA is involved in a futurewised project in Jeddah. The projects main target is the development of a online marketing agency capable to act nationwide. Targeted clients are the Top 100 Sudi Arabien Companies.

März 2009
Realignment of ALIGMAs array of products

The rezession conditions new product alignments also in the IT & Marketing branch. The optimization of existing marketing channels is important. More important we consider the development of new marketing channels. Certainly online as usual for ALIGMA. Untill the end of summer 2009 the realignment shall be completed


Internet Marketing Blog
Who does not advertise in crysis Want survive!

In this Recession, the only solution to the threats facing us is to take immediate steps to attract new customers, keep those customers and improve our Marketing, sales and online strategies.
Businesses who don't make Marketing and Internet Marketing a priority in the weeks and months ahead will struggle and many will fail. Please don't be one of them. Statistics show that 99% of people who visit a typical website, leave that site without buying anything or making any contact with the business. In this economic climate, having an ineffective website is a recipe for financial disaster. Not to have any website is more worst than that!

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