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ALIGMAsocial, the ultimate solution for your online community websites. ALIGMAsocial is easy to use, easy to customize and packed full of advanced software. ALIGMAsocial is a revolutionary web site management system that allows you to automate and facilitate management of sites of various functionality and complexity. ALIGMAsocial is a central platform, controlling and managing every aspect and feature of your web site. Your site and all of its functions are administered through a comprehensive and centralized Administrative Console. ALIGMAsocial is a modular platform, meaning that while it contains the core functionality necessary for running a web site, the actual user-interaction functionality is provided by product modules. Each module serves its own specific purpose, allowing you to purchase and seamlessly install only the functionality that you need.

Main Sections

Recent Blogs List
Random Polls
Recent Pics
Recent Logins
News & Announcements
New Forum Topics
Whos Online
Web Search

View all image posted on the site
View images by categories
Special browse settings to make viewing easier
Featured Images
Option to create/edit
Admin access to feature/delete images

View all members
Advanced Search Engine to find members
Featured Members
Comment on Images
Admin access to feature members

View all blogs
Read and Comment on blogs
Special browse settings to make viewing easier
Option to create/edit
Admin access to delete polls

Post Topics
Post replies to other topics
Admin access to edit forums in the admin panel
Admin access to delete any topics/replies

Rate Pics From 1-10
View Top Rate Pics
View Most Viewed Pics

Image Battle to pic which image will win
Option to view battle leaders

View all polls
Answer polls added by the members
Option to create/edit
Admin access to delete polls

Groups split up into categories
Categories editable from the admin panel
Features Groups
View/Create/Edit Personal Groups
Advanced Search Engine
Groups Contain: Shoutbox
Groups Contain: Gallery
Groups Contain: Guestbook
Groups Contain: Forum
Admin access to feature/delete a group

View all listings
View/Create/Edit Personal Listings
Reply/Forward listings
Advanced Search Engine
Categories editable from the admin panel
Admin access to delete a listing

View all fun items
Place to add funny videos and flash games
Admin access to delete a game/video

View all fun quizzes
Take another members quiz with up to 10 questions to answer
Option to create/edit
Admin access to delete a quiz

View all music videos
Option for members to add videos to there profile
Features Songs
New Releases
Top Requested Songs
Advanced Search Engine
Admin access to delete/feature a music video

Members Area

Message Center. Listing new messages, friends requests and comments added.
Account Info: Type, Points, Member Since and Space Used
Theme Manager ( Option for members to change site theme )
Profile Picture ( Option to change )
Bulletin Board recent posts
My Friends List
My Favorites

Account Settings
Email Info/Change
Option to change password
Option to edit Gender, Location, Date of Birth
Option to receive email notifications 

Profile Settings
Option to edit: Headline, Occupation, Dating Status, Orientation, Smoke, Drink, Religion, Turn Ones, Turn Offs, Hobbies, Movies, Music, Books and About Yourself.

Profile Picture
Option for the member to change there profile image.

Design My Profile
Option to upload background image.
Options to fully edit the members profile with the easy to use color picker. From which the member can changes the whole color layout of there profile to fit the way they want it to be.

Compose New Message
Crush Inbox
Crush Sentbox
Comments Inbox

Submit Items
Upload Pictures
Write Blogs
Create Polls
Create Quiz

My Items
Edit Pictures
Edit Blogs
Edit Polls
Edit Quizzes
Edit Comments

My Friends
Full Friends List
Option to delete friends
New Friend Requests
Pending Requests

My Favorites
Full Favorites List
Option to delete favorites

View Bulletin Board
View My Bulletins
Post New Bulletin
User option to edit/delete posts
Member option to reply/forward post
Admin option to delete

Option to send out 1-5 invite emails
Extra Message Option
Invite Leaders List

Members Personal Profiles

Profile Sections

Blocks On Profile
My Gallery
My Friends
About Me
Turn Ons
Turn Offs
My Blogs
Recent Visitors

Profile Info

Display Username
Display Profile Picture
Display Online/Offline Status
Display Users Info: Job, Smoke, Drink, Religion, Orientation, Dating Status, Member Since, Points, Gender, Location, Age, Views, Star Sign and Last Login.