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Portals Yellowpages – Promotion of local business and shops

ALIGMAyellow is a yellow pages style directory which lists businesses in a vicinity. It has several functions for vendors, site visitors and an admin module for managing the directory. With ALIGMAyellow, marketing companies are able to operate online, cutting the cost and gaining additional revenues. It is a ready to go online marketing business guaranteed to bring results to your business.

Business owners would like to advertise on the directory because it is the easiest and most exciting part of this product. It takes only a few steps to register and list the business which becomes instantly accessible to a wide market range.

The application provides visitors with information of all businesses listed. It also allows users to keep a quick list of all favorite listings visited. There is also a feature that allows users to post advertisements. In order to make it easier for users, all listings have been categorized by industry and equipped with a powerful search engine for effective searches.

Administrative Features

Secure content management interface to setup the site
Setup price rates to charge business owners who list their businesses – integrated with paypal
Manage categories for industries
Manage the different users of the site
Add sponsor banners to the system
Send news updates to interested users
Add rotating news to the main areas informing users of your new deals.

Business Owners

Easy to use Registration Form
List ads describing your business with additional photo
Secure content management area to manage and renew listings
Quick stats or reports to see the number of times listings have been viewed etc.

Buyer Features

They are presented with search forms to search businesses by business name, location, keyword
They can browse different categories to compare a list of business services
They can map directions to the location
A quick list folder that contains clipped businesses for quick future access.

Additional Features

ALIGMAyellow includes a special feature for approved critics to add ratings and information about the business. This feature is similar to a restaurant review.